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"Abuse" is a powerful word. Yet fitting. Some of the cruelest forms of abuse are invisible, hidden, covert and ambient. I am not a professional but I have de-coded the mind invading games of abusive people. Though I don't intend on making light of this subject, one has to have perspective when realizing how ridiculous the games are. Like the little man behind the curtain of OZ, once you strip away the ruse, YOU get your power back. If you can catch it while it's happening, you can avoid becoming brainwashed and a target to these types of people.

This site is for ANYONE who has suffered from an psychological abuser...and even those who ended up being abused in more overt or physical ways. Anyone who needs healing, of any sex, color, age, creed, background or culture. It doesn't matter if you dated, were married to, related to or worked for....anyone who's been abused this way can benefit. Abuse is not a "female" problem. It is a HUMAN problem.


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Hello all!

Well I invite you to read the comment's to my last blog post. It was the first negative comment I have received, and I found it very interesting. What are your thoughts?

I have decided that I am going to put this blog into a book form. While I loved to "research" about my psycho-and indeed, it helped me to understand more what I was dealing with-I would have enjoyed having it all condensed into a book that I could tote around with me anywhere-the train, the doctor's office, the park.

I also have more thoughts and elaborations than a typical post can allow. Many of my posts are long enough! I would like to go more in depth into why it is we find ourselves in these relationships-sometimes, over and over again. There's many theories on why.

In any event, I will be working on it this summer, and will hopefully have it completed by fall. I will be sure to post when it is finished! Thanks all for your support and your imput, stay strong and true to yourselves!!!!

With love, Psycho Bitch


  1. Hi, I think your blog is amazingly useful. Thanks. I was doing the same thing as you for a while with a different angle, but I think your blog takes over were mine left off. Well done.

    I used to get vicious hate mail too from sociopaths. But it was something I garnished from them on purpose. I wanted to see if the writing style in terms of condesention was similar among sociopaths as so many of the other traits and behaviours they share. BINGO. I have emails from sociopaths I know which share the same syntax and everything else as the "skeptics" who showed up on my blog to lecture me on being a very silly person who was making life hell for "unwell people who need out love and understanding" by calling them demons.

    All the best.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I thought many of the things in your blog were right on....including them being demons.

    I was one of those people who felt they were just "disturbed", misunderstood, hurting, in emotional pain and self-hatred, etc. The excuses of a poor childhood, bullying, abuse by former spouses-I was a bleeding heart and I felt GUILTY if I thought they were actually heartless soul-less bastards.

    THATS what kept me being abused by them. The more "love and understanding" you show "disordered" people-the more they will crap all over you. Oddly enough, they gravitate towards those that are just like them, so they often find themselves being abused by other psychos. Those are the people they "love."

    Skeptics-never been through it. And considering just how uncannily alike they are-these skeptics ought to work on finding out the cause of this "disease", because the symptoms literally are all the same...down to the speech, mannerisms, sytax and even the sayings they use.

    Demon possesion works for me. I've often said they have the devil in them. Dark souls, dark workers-makes logical sense, if you believe that there are lightworkers and good souls. Polarity is what makes our world go round.

    Thanks again, the more we educate people, the less people like this can really get away with it. That's my hope!


  3. Yep, and we'll get there too. Soon these cretins won't have many places left to hide. I already see a "rat trapped in a corner" dynamic taking hold among many of the "skeptic" sociopaths. The whole new tactic is that we are dealing with suffering people and how in this modern scientific age we cannot go back to witch hunts...blah blah blah...

    The old phrase "knowledge is power" is more apt for sociopath/psychopath destruction than anything else. It is only public ignorance of them which allows them to prey. It's a huge issue on the internet now. The word is out. So the sociopaths are now trying to all play this "we are sick and need understanding!" angle.

    Oh, and I have tell you this. When I had the Facebook page there was one CLASSIC SOCIOPATH on there - could tell just by his photo. He decided that Transsociopathica was a hate group against unwell innocent people with mental illnesses. A Trans-fan emailed me recently that she had created several fake female FB accounts with photos from Russian fashion magazines and started emailing him at different times agreeing with him and saying how Transsociopathica needs to be exposed and so on as well as joining other groups he was one and sending him a freinds link etc. She is an actress so she was able to create very different personas for him.

    Within 3 emails from all of them. He was giving the pretty ladies on FB all same story about how his wife is not respecting him, gave him serious depression from an affair she had and how he feels more connected to strangers on the net and isn't that tragic... He wanted to meet up and perhaps form a group "to fight against this return to the dark ages."

    There is a cast iron golden rule - if you get hate mail, or even the "leave the unwell folks alone!" tactic you are dealing with a sociopath EVERY TIME.