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"Abuse" is a powerful word. Yet fitting. Some of the cruelest forms of abuse are invisible, hidden, covert and ambient. I am not a professional but I have de-coded the mind invading games of abusive people. Though I don't intend on making light of this subject, one has to have perspective when realizing how ridiculous the games are. Like the little man behind the curtain of OZ, once you strip away the ruse, YOU get your power back. If you can catch it while it's happening, you can avoid becoming brainwashed and a target to these types of people.

This site is for ANYONE who has suffered from an psychological abuser...and even those who ended up being abused in more overt or physical ways. Anyone who needs healing, of any sex, color, age, creed, background or culture. It doesn't matter if you dated, were married to, related to or worked for....anyone who's been abused this way can benefit. Abuse is not a "female" problem. It is a HUMAN problem.


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I want to take this post up with a big thank you for all who have been following my blog. It has been very healing for me to do it, and to get it all out of my head, and I hope that you will find answers and relief in the postings.

Please click on the past month's to find posts that you may be able to relate to. Utilize some of the links that I have posted, and be sure to visit some of the other blogs listed-as they were a God send to me before I created mine.

I know we all have a lot better things we'd rather be doing, than scanning the internet for help and answers to try and deal with psychos in our lives and in the world. But I do thank God that we have a resource like the internet, where a platform of awareness is, where we can purge our demons, and we can find that we are not alone. God bless!!

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  1. You already know that I'm sad to see you go...but I do understand, Hon! Again, I thank you for giving me and others inspiration, hope and courage...and I'm proud of you for having the strength to do it!

    You know where to find me if ya need anything at all, my dear! You're never alone in this ... :)